AutoSMS is a small, handy tool for you to send a specific number of SMS to a chosen contact. You can write a text message and then send one or more of them to your friend after a timespan of your choice.

Disclaimer: This is an app to automatically send a number of SMS to a contact in a custom time interval. By using this app you aggree to not deal any harm to others with this tool.

You can kind of DDOS your own smartphone with it, but your network provider won't be happy if you send 500 messages per second - so don't overdo it!

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OS: Android Only

Requirements: A working phone connection is required for sending.

Version: 1.3.7

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Click *here* to get to the App Inventor Gallery for the source code.



  • Fixed a heavy bug that would need you to restart the app after one sending operation in order to correctly use it again.


  • More design improvements.
  • Some backend improvements.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Small design improvements.