MC Reuse Mod

Latest: 1.11.2 The MC Reuse Mod is obviously a mod for Minecraft.

You want to get rid of all your stuff lying around?

This mod comes in handy and allows you to recycle your unused stuff in order to save some place in your chest and create a bunch of other awesome items.

For example you can make Cooked Rotten Flesh out of normal Rotten Flesh which is harmless to eat. You have also a bunch of new crafting recipes which may also come in very handy.

You can find all crafting recipes in the image section of our IndieDB page!

Release: Jan 23, 2015

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Type: Singleplayer Mod (maybe there will be a server version in the future?)

Requirements: You need Forge for Minecraft version 1.11.2

Status: Stable Release

Version: 1.11.2

MC Reuse Mod


Jar File:


You can find files and installers for older version on IndieDB.


Short Demonstration

This mod was made using MCreator mod maker. You can download this mod maker here.