Aperture Diversion


I am Phoenix1747, the guy behind all of this. I'm developing and publishing software under the name Aperture Diversion.

Together with some awesome people we develop software - specifically mods, apps and some other software. Everything you see here, on our IndieDB and Github account is made by us four.

If you're still reading this - great! I'll briefly tell you something about our history: Founded in 2013, I developed and released many software applications. Starting at SEchat, a free end-to-end encrypted and open-source chat client for Android, going to FSP (fake sandbox processes) - a small program in order to disable advanced spyware. Actually, there is much more you can have a look at right here!

All in all, we want to provide you with free, transparent and useful applications. In addition, we'll never include any sort of spyware in our software nor sell your soul to Cthulhu. We - and specially I - want to protect the privacy of us all (and have fun while developing stuff).

So go out there and help us improve our software or even start writing your own - to make IT not only safer, but privacy-protective.

- Phoenix1747 | Apertured

Fancy Bulletin Board

June 30th: Updated Smeech to be much more efficient and nicer looking!

June 29th: Hotfix update for SEchat and a nice small update for Elator!

June 23rd: We updated our Disclaimer and our Privacy Policy!